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3 – 6 October 2019 – Frankfurt 690€ (co-facilitated with Sabera Dringenberg)
27 – 30 December 2019 – Freiburg 440€ (afternoon start)

Early bird reduction of 50€ registering up to 3 months ahead of the workshop

Seminar times:
Start on first day morning 10am or in case of afternoon start 4pm
End on last day  12 – 1:00pm

Registration & Payment:
Early registration of at least 6 weeks in advance is appreciated as the preparation time is significant for the process. You are registered after receipt of 100€ advance payment. Full payment is due 8 weeks ahead of the workshop. The group will be cancelled 4 weeks in advance in case the minimum of 3 participants or 4 (co-facilitation) is not reached at that time.

The above workshops are being held in German. English seminars will be marked as such.

Bodhi Marion Kotowski
Marie-Curie-Str. 42
79100 Freiburg
Phone +49(0)175 992 5560