How we enter life imprints us from the beginning

I am working with singles, couples, families and groups. Observations and experiences in my work were teaching me the importance of how we enter into life.

Our deepest patterns are correlating with our earliest experiences. As conscious beings we perceive ourselves and our environment in the womb without differentation.

Especially our mother is like our universe at the beginning of our existence. During this early time we do not have the ability to differentiate between us and her. Whatever happens to her during pregnancy or birth has an immediate effect on us.

The ability to differentiate between ourselves, her or the further environment developes only much later.

Father, siblings, grandparents, other anscestors and inheritance do have additional impacts. Trauma can be passed down generations as transgenerational trauma which science (epigenetics) meanwhile has proved.

The pre- and perinatal psychology is relatively young and I studied with pioneers in this field such as Raymond Castellino and William Emerson.
Ray Castellino has integrated the trauma resolution method Somatic-Experiencing® of Peter Levine amongst other methods into his work.

I studied Somatic-Experiencing® with Peter Levine and others and assisted several trainings and advanced trainings in this method.

Out of his experience working with families Ray Castellino developed a process for adults which enables us to enter the depth of our early imprints, transforming patterns and wounds and enabling a more fulfilling life.

I regularly offer and co-facilitate this small and intense group format for adults up to 4 or 6 people in case of a second facilitator.
My work is mindful, non-judgemental, transforming, progressing slowly in small steps and I emphasize on the integration of the experiences made so that permanent change can be stabilized.

It felt love

How did the rose ever open it’s heart
and give to this world all it’s beauty?
It felt the encouragement of light against it’s being,
otherwise, we all remain too frightened.

from: the gift, poems by hafiz, the great sufi master