How we start life forms us from the very beginning even before birth.

The group process for adults was developed by Raymond Castellino and he called it womb surround as our surround has an impact on us. I call it Integration of early imprints.

The process aims at solving early trauma and encourages healthy loving relationships, bonding and connection.

The workshop takes place in a safe welcoming nourishing small group format of up to 6 participants. The group lasts dependant on the group size between two and half up to four and half days.

In this surround early imprints which might still have an impact in your present life can be explored, transformed and integrated with a lasting effect in life. Every participant will explore early emotional or physical patterns in an individual session with the active support of the other group members.

For further integration purposes each session will be briefed within the whole group on the next day.

The tools used are interactive group processes, negociated body contact, mindfulness, Somatic-Experiencing and cranio-sacral work amongst others.

Videos with Ray Castellino

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How we think of the infant in the womb and the newborn: