Scheduled 2022 seminars are happening in physical presence

Violence and threat through the Military Invasion in Ukraine, in Europe- today.

We are all deeply scattered by the violation of safety in our surround. It touches deepest layers within us. Being witnesses of inhumanity might cause a feeling of defenseless in ourselves. Layers of our ancestral lineage in us might be triggered and vibrate.

The recent challenges in the past two years are still not overcome and a new drastic threat occurs.

Our biological response facing stress is the fight and flight reaction. In order not to fall into the shock and freeze response we need to stay active and strengthen our fight and flight response.

Therefore, supporting engaging our arms and legs in exercising is crucial. Drumming, walking, jogging, hitting in sports like tennis, martial arts, or kicking against any kind of resistance like for example in biking is very useful.

In addition, the connection amongst us, sharing, listening to each other and bonding is supportive. Taking good care of ourselves on all levels. And, taking pauses from all the disturbing news is extremely important. We need these pausing in order to reflect, restoring our energy, process and sensing ourselves.

There many small and large activities where we may actively participate in supporting living in peace, cooperation, mutual support and humanness. In doing so we stay active and in the here-and-now.

How about the children? There sense of safety might be challenged.

Here some thoughts an ideas of Peter Levine showing possibilities to keep children safe and joyful. Video and another with Maggie Kline

The future impact is not foreseeable yet and also how long our situation needs be to be adapted to the circumstances.

This is an excercise for the current times proposed by Peter Levine.

Furthermore we can do more in taking good care of ourselves and in doing that we are at the same time taking care of our social community.

  • For instance with movement, dancing, walking, sports and going outside.
  • Our immun system can in addition be supported with healthy food, vitamin D & C, ginger, zinc etc.
  • Sufficient sleep and breaks, pausing.
  • We all need being there for each other, listening and giving mutual support to each other.
  • Ask yourself what strenghtens you, increasing your safety and comfort.
  • Which of your resources are available at the moment?
  • Pause – especially regarding difficult news and your orienting reflexes.
  • Inform yourself and have conscious breaks and resourcing.

You need breaks in order to take good care of yourself, assembling strength and a solid constitution. It needs time and space to digest and integrate information,  input and changes. Allow yourself to orient anew again and again.

  • How can you stay calm – sorrow and fears weaken the immune system. Which measures work for you?
  • Structure your day in case you cannot work as before.
  • Humour is healthy and laughing is infectious of a different kind…

It is also a time of great potential for growth, change and expansion, lets make good use of it.

I am wishing  you and all your loved ones health, serenity, confidence and awareness/mindfulness. We are all challenged to our constraints.

May we as the collective human community get well through these troubled waters, learn and meet anew: About us, our life, about what is really important in our life for us. This time is reminding us about our fragile surround, environment and gift of life, our mortality. Life is a precious gift.

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Where there is light
darkness has to flee

Where there is love
Hate does not find a ground

Where there is peace
We can be – together

Text: Bodhi Marion Kotowski